Comprehensive report highlighting public health system concerns presented in Cabinet today

A comprehensive report was presented to Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the Cabinet by the leadership of the Ministry of Health and Wellness today.

The report addressed issues of concern in the public healthcare system that have been at the centre of public discourse in recent days.

In a release, the Office of the Prime Minister said the report to Cabinet also covered ongoing efforts to enhance the public health sector.

It said a comprehensive audit of equipment was also presented to members of the Cabinet. 

The availability of equipment, in particular, ventilators is one of the concerns raised recently by the Opposition.

The OPM said the Health Ministry’s leadership noted that before the COVID-19 pandemic, the country had approximately 35 ventilators. 

It said today, more than 120 ventilators are deployed across the health sector, marking a substantial improvement in the country’s respiratory healthcare capacity.

Meantime, on the matter of  recent investigations into the deaths of a newborn and an elderly woman at May Pen and Falmouth hospitals respectively, the OPM said Prime Minister Holness has urged the ministry to expedite the investigations into these cases.

It said Mr. Holness has emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that no parent or child should have to grieve for their loved ones due to issues in the healthcare system. 

Prime Minister Holness stressed that his administration will continue to work diligently to ensure that the healthcare system meets the needs of citizens.

He also reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to using all available resources to improve patient care for Jamaicans and to address the areas of concern.

The OPM  added that the Ministry of Health team will be at the post-Cabinet press briefing scheduled for Wednesday, June 26, to provide further details on the report presented to Cabinet.


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