Commuters in NW Clarendon stranded as residents protested poor road conditions; MP says roadways will be rehabilitated under ‘SPARK’ programme

Several commuters, including school children, were left stranded this morning as residents blocked roadways in northwest Clarendon.

The residents are upset over poor road conditions, a lack of water and what they describe, as the unresponsiveness of their member of parliament, Phillip Henriques.

Top Alston, Christiana to Alston, Silent Hill to Christiana and Spalding to Alston are some of the roadways impacted.

One protester said today’s roadblocks mark the second protest in two years, over the issues.

He said the residents are demanding the resignation of the Member of Parliament as they are not satisfied with how their grouses are being handled.

The residents say they are prepared to continue their protest if the issues are not effectively addressed.

Meantime, MP Henriques has dismissed claims that he is ignoring the plight of residence.

He explained that some of the roadways will be rehabilitated through the Government’s ‘Shared Prosperity through Accelerated Improvement to our Road Network’ (SPARK) programme.


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