Committee of inquiry to investigate conduct of JPs seen in viral video interviewing murder accused Rushane Barnett

A committee of inquiry is to investigate the conduct of the Justices of the Peace seen in a viral video interviewing murder accused Rushane Barnett.


This follows concern about the interview being conducted without informing Barnett’s attorney, and about possible breaches of his rights.


In a statement today (July 7), the Ministry said following the viral video on Friday, July 1, in which four Justices of the Peace, one being a medical doctor, were seen questioning the condition and health of an accused person, Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck met with the Custodes Rotulorum to discuss the matter.


It was agreed that a committee of inquiry will fully investigate the incident.


The investigation is to determine if there were any breaches committed by the JP’s, and if so, recommend what action should be taken.


The committee is to report within four weeks to the relevant Custodes and the Minister of Justice.


The report will guide the conduct of JP’s when seeking to protect the rights and dignity of persons in custody.



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