Commerce Minister says Jamaica has to consider its own interests, in response to call for ban on cannabis imports

“Jamaica has to consider its own interests”


That was the response from Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Aubyn Hill when asked about the possibility of a temporary ban on the importation of cannabis.


There have been calls for the ban, following reports that the Government granted approval for cannabis from Canada.


Various segments of society have expressed concern about the move, given that the island is still working to build out its own cannabis industry.


Yesterday (March 6), Mr. Hill said only 44 pounds of cannabis was imported from Canada and it was a strain not grown in Jamaica.


However, some stakeholders in the industry believe the playing field is not level, and claim Canada has placed restrictions on the commercial importation of cannabis.


When asked for a response to calls for a temporary ban on cannabis imports, Mr. Hill said Jamaica has to consider its own interests as well as meet its obligations.

Meantime, Mr. Hill has reassured that the Government supports local cannabis producers.




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