Cocaine seized at Kingston port still being weighed

The value of a large shipment of cocaine seized at the Kingston port earlier today has not yet been determined, as the illicit drug is still being weighed.


A multi-agency pre-dawn operation was conducted at the port of Kingston, resulting in the seizure of hundreds of kilos of cocaine.


Teams from the Jamaica Customs Agency, the Jamaica Constabulary Force narcotics division, and the Jamaica Defence Force (through the maritime air and cyber command and the support brigade’s military working dog company) made the discovery about 3:00 a.m.


This after the search of a cargo vessel, coming from Colombia, in South America.


The JDF said this interdiction of a shipment of cocaine is part of the continued efforts of the security forces to repel transnational criminal organizations seeking to take advantage of Jamaica’s geo-strategic significance in world trade by exploiting legitimate cargo moving through the maritime domain.


With the bolstering of maritime assets, the JDF is now better equipped to identify and interdict suspect vessels offshore and provide the required support to other arms of the nation’s security mechanism to make Jamaica a safer country for citizens.




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