CMOC lauds Citizen Security Plan for 2022/2023 achieved targets

The Consensus Monitoring and Oversight Committee (CMOC) says the Citizen Security Plan (CSP) achieved its full-year targets relating to governance, creation of safe spaces, and rehabilitation of police stations indicators.

The information is contained in its annual report which covers the period 2022-2023.

In a statement this morning, CMOC said the CSP failed to meet the requirements to increase significantly the number of parents receiving customized behavior training and the number of at-risk youth receiving professional qualifications or certifications.

CMOC said a revamped approach is required to attain these targets.

The committee then reaffirmed its alignment with the view that citizen security is a cross-cutting issue impacting the whole-of-society, and that it requires the efforts the private sector, civil society, and wider stakeholder groups.

It also supported the view that citizen security is not just a national security issue, and that the needs and issues are so wide-spread and deep that no singular stakeholder group, not even the government, can deliver on its own.

In commenting on the report, CMOC’s sub-committee chairman Bishop Garth Minott said, he is in full support of the prioritized strategies highlighted by the CSP secretariat and is particularly pleased to see programmes for at-risk youth and attention to case management & psychosocial support being named as 2 of the 4 prioritized strategies.

CMOC repeated the need for budgetary support for psychosocial support and commended the student assessment initiatives and psychological first-aid training that has begun.

However, it said a lot more work is needed.

In his comments CMOC Chair Lloyd distant said the citizens security plan continues to prove what can be achieved when working in a coordinated manner.

Mr. Distant said the committee remains in support of the formation of a centralized entity to play a coordinating role in ensuring interconnectedness of initiatives at the community level.


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