Classes to be held online at the Grange Hill High tomorrow following alleged threats from gunmen

Classes will be held online for students at the Grange Hill High School in Westmoreland tomorrow following alleged threats to the institution today. 

Irie FM News understands that at least 2 schools in Grange Hill were forced to close early today due to reports of threats from gunmen. 

This, following an upsurge in violence in the community, in recent days.

Speaking to Irie FM News this afternoon, Principal of Grange Hill High Trevine Donaldson-Lawrence said classes will be held virtually tomorrow.

She said today’s incident marks a new low for criminals in the community. 

Mrs. Lawrence called on those who would consider attacking educational institutions to think about the children. 

Meanwhile, Principal of the Grange Hill Primary, Clayton Smith says it is possible classes could be held online tomorrow.

His statement comes after classes were dismissed early today, following alleged threats from gunmen to the institution.

While noting that he is unsure what the next step will be, he said if students and teachers are unable to attend face to face classes, the online modality will be used. 


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