Classes disrupted at some schools as teachers stage third day of protests over Gov’t’s wage offer


That’s the call from several teachers across the island, who are continuing industrial action, over what they have described, as the less-than-acceptable salaries being offered by the Government under its new compensation scheme.


This is the third day of protests by the educators who have rejected the Government’s wage offer, and are calling for an increase in their salaries.


IRIE FM news understands that industrial action is impacting schools in Westmoreland, Manchester and St. Ann.

Like previous days, teachers at several schools are dressed in black, and have staged a sit-in or are demonstrating to register their frustration with their current wages.


At some schools, teachers have been calling in sick.


In Westmoreland, teachers at the Mannings school are again staging an all-day sit-in.


However, one teacher at that institution, who requested to remain anonymous, said while he agrees that the Government should increase its offer, teachers should have delayed the protests until after the Delegates Conference in Kingston tomorrow.


At this meeting, teaching delegates are expected to decide if the compensation package will be accepted.


Meantime, in Manchester, protests by teachers at the Manchester High school, Belair High, and Mandeville Primary and Junior High have resulted in classes being disrupted.


Principal of Mandeville Primary and Junior High, Howard Salmon said the majority of teachers did not attend work today.

And, teachers at Belair High say better salaries are needed as they are unable to afford basic items.


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