Classes disrupted at Seaview Gardens Primary as ancillary staff protest salary issues

Students at the Seaview Gardens Primary School in St. Andrew had to return to their homes this morning, as protesting ancillary staff members padlocked the institution’s gate.

The workers are reportedly disgruntled over issues with their salaries.


Nearly seven years of frustration, came to a head this morning, as ancillary staff closed the school’s gate and mounted several placards.

“No pay, no school” was the common message, as they vented their anger, over a reported refusal to pay them the wages they believe they deserve.

According to one worker, ancillary staff members feel disrespected by the school’s administration.

The worker also claims that salary increases approved by government were not granted to the workers.

She told IRIE FM News that due to their frustration, staff refused to clean the classrooms without hearing a favorable decision about their salary.

Meantime, one parent explained that while she empathizes with the workers’ plight, she is not pleased that her children had to return home.

She said some of them are preparing for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations.

The school’s principal Sangieanna Prince declined to comment on the protest, stating she was in a meeting with regional directors.


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