Classes dismissed at some schools in Grange Hill, Westmoreland following alleged threats from criminals

Classes were disrupted at the Grange Hill Primary School in Westmoreland this morning following alleged threats to the institution.

This following an upsurge in violence in the community in recent days.

Principal of Grange Hill Primary Clayton Smith TOLD IRIE FM news that parents were called to pick up their children this morning, after information was received that the school would be attacked by gunmen.

Shortly before news time, Mr. Smith said of the 780 students, only 20 students remained at the school.

He said while there have been instances of gun violence in the community in the past, this is the worst the situation has ever been.

Mr. Smith noted that the school has made contact with the police and the relevant authorities to devise a way forward.

Given the situation, Mr. Smith said he is unsure if classes will resume tomorrow.

In the meantime, Mr. Smith said the teachers are in fear for their lives.

IRIE FM NEWS understands that the Grange Hill High School and other institutions in the community have also dismissed classes.


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