Clarendon taxi operator disarms and fatally shoots robber who posed as passenger

A man who allegedly attempted to rob a taxi operator in May Pen Clarendon last evening, was disarmed and fatally shot. 

Dead is 24 year old Bobby Bruce of Frazers Content, in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

Reports from the May Pen police are that some time around 8:15 pm, Bruce boarded a taxi destined for Old Harbour.

Upon reaching a section of the 19 mile roadway in May Pen, he requested a stop.

The driver complied, after which Bruce reportedly brandished a firearm, pointed it at the driver’s head and demanded that he and his passengers hand over money and valuables.

Police say Bruce robbed the driver of a black Samsung Galaxy cell phone and $20,000.

A tussle ensued, during which Bruce was disarmed and shot.  

The police were summoned.

Upon their arrival a 9mm Taurus pistol, with a magazine containing five rounds of ammunition was seized. 

Bruce was pronounced dead at  hospital.

The police are investigating.


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