Clarendon residents block two roadways in protest over their poor conditions

Residents of Trout Hall in Clarendon mounted roadblocks on Monday morning in protest over the condition of the roadway from Trout Hall in the parish to Cave Valley in St Ann.

The residents who began protesting at 6, blocking the road with downed trees and debris, said the road has been in a deplorable condition for far too long.

One resident said the pot holes along the corridor are damaging motor vehicles.

He said the temporary solutions offered by the authorities have forced the residents to take action.

He said the roadway is also in need of de-bushing.

The police in collaboration with the fire brigade have begun clearing the affected roadway.

Sergeant Brenton Ebanks told Irie Fm news that they began clearing the roads, but had to stop at James Hill due to the magnitude of downed trees at that section.

Meanwhile, some students and staff at several schools in Clarendon, were impacted by Monday morning’s protest and roadblock, which prevented them from getting to school.

A guidance counsellor at a prominent high school in the parish explained that he had to return home this morning because large trees and other debris were blocking the roadway on his regular commute.

He lamented that he will have to push back several important cases at the school, due to the protest.

He also noted that students from several educational institutions across the parish, would’ve also been affected by the roadblock.

Guidance counsellor at a prominent high school in Clarendon, who was unable to get to work, due to Monday morning’s protest.

And residents in Decoy Clarendon blocked the ebony park main road this morning as they protested over the condition of the roadway.

It’s reported that the residents used their vehicle to block the corridor preventing vehicular traffic.

Councillor for the York Town Division Uphell Percell said the residents protested because of unkept promises by the government.

It’s reported that the road block resulted in classes being disrupted at the Ebony Grove High School.

Acting principal Kerrian Morales said the students have been sent home and will be using the online modality.



Shortly before 12 Pm, it was reported that the roadway was cleared, as equipment to fix the road arrived on the scene accompanied by members of the Jamaica Defence Force.


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