Clarendon police list 5 wanted men


The Clarendon police have listed 5 men as wanted in relation to investigations of various crimes, including robbery, shooting, and murder.


First on the list is 20-year-old Romaine Murray, otherwise known as ‘John Tom’, whose last known address is Comfort district, Osbourne Store. Murray is wanted for wounding with intent.


He is known to frequent the communities of Bucknor, Comfort, Milk River, Osbourne Store and Four Paths.


Also listed is 25-year-old Panif Broomfield, otherwise called ‘Chang’, whose last known address is Buzz Rock, in Effortville. Broomfield is wanted for shooting with intent and robbery with aggravation.


The third wanted man is 36-year-old Othniel Smith, whose last known address is Lawson Boulevard, in Four Paths. Smith is wanted for murder.


Next is 39-year-old Steve Francis of Sunset Crescent, also in Four Paths. Francis is wanted for murder.


And finally, Oral Thompson, otherwise called ‘Jus Bake’ or ‘Ronny’, is wanted for attempted murder. Thompson is known to frequent communities in Portland, Clarendon, and St. James.


The Clarendon police believe that the arrest and charge of these five individuals will positively impact the safety of many communities and are encouraging persons to share information about their whereabouts.


Persons are also being reminded that it is a crime to harbour a fugitive.


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