Clarendon families still awaiting return of loved ones missing at sea

Two families in Portland Cottage, Clarendon are anxiously awaiting the return of their loved ones who have been missing at sea since last week.

Fishermen 42 year old Robert Weir otherwise called Pim Pim, and 29 -year-old Luckley Ellis, were reported missing on Friday August 5, after they did not return from a fishing trip.

They left out on Wednesday August 3.

The Lionel Town police report that Weir and Ellis were last seen at Sea South of Rocky Point about 10 am.

Although the two fishermen have years of experience, residents are very concerned as they say other fishermen told them that when they last saw Weir and Ellis, they reported that their boat had developed a leak.

Ineaser Wallace, is Mr Weir’s common-law wife .

She indicates the incident has left her badly shaken.



The mother of three including twins who are almost two years old, is appealing for help.


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