Clarendon College are the 2023 Olivier Shield Champions

Clarendon   College  underlined  their  status  as  the  top  schoolboy  football  team  in  the  country  last  night,  when  they  lifted  the  2023  Olivier  Shield  playoff  inside  the  National  Stadium.

The symbol  of  schoolboy  football  supremacy  came  with  an  authoritative  4-nil win for the Lenny Hyde coached team   over  first  time  Manning  Cup  winners  Mona high.

The  prolific  Kaheim  Dixon  opened  the  scoring  for Clarendon College  in minute  35, after  which Deandre  Gallimore  doubled  the  lead  in  the  69th  minute.

Christopher  Hull  with  a    brace ………in  a  three   minutes  spell in the    84th  and  87th  minutes   helped to hand   Clarendon  College   a  7th    olivier  shield  crown. 

They  receive  the  olivier  Sheild   and  a  cheque  valued at  two hundred thousand  dollars  as  the  curtains  came  down  on  the  2023  schoolboy  football  season.

In the meantime, Clarendon College last  Saturday thrashed Glenmuir 6-2 to retain the Dacosta Cup title while first-timers Mona beat Hydel one-nil to lift their maiden ISSA Manning Cup Crown.

Glenmuir  won  the   Champions  Cup  Knockout   Crown……….Jamaica  College  captured  the  Walker  Cup  title  and  Mcgrath  won  the  Ben  Francis  Cup  knockout title.


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