Church Leader calls on Gov’t to empower the Church, State Agencies and Civil Society to aid in the fight against crime

At least one church leader has called on the Government to empower the Church, State Agencies, and Civil Society to aid in the fight against crime.


Presiding Bishop of the Holiness Christian Church in Jamaica, Dr. Alvin Bailey made the appeal amid public concern about a suggestion that the Government should engage in peace talks with alleged criminals.


Bishop Bailey said such actions would set a bad precedence that would formalize and recognize gangs and criminals.


He said such actions would send the wrong signal to criminals because that would empower their unlawful activities.

He said Government should instead use already established crime intervention strategies, through entities such as the Church and other social partners.

Bishop Bailey called for a crime-fighting committee to be established.

According to the Bishop, the fear instilled by the ‘informa fe dead’ culture; failure to act decisively regarding non-performance in the Ministry of National Security; in-fighting among members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force regarding wages and benefits; as well as widespread corruption and reluctance to bring to justice persons implicated in well-publicized criminal activities have encouraged the criminals to act with contempt and impunity for law and order.

He said among the other deterrents to effective crime-fighting in Jamaica, was the fact that the police force is under-equipped, overworked, and understaffed.


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