Chronixx celebrates JamCoders progress

Entertainer Chronixx has shared an update of the progress of JamCoders, an ed-tech summer camp on algorithms and programming for high school students.

Chronixx, who partnered with AddisCoder in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to bring JamCoders to Jamaica, reposted a Jamcoders picture slide to his official Instagram account. One pic shows the Spanish Town native and the children.

The caption states in part, “50 high schoolers from across Jamaica, representing every parish. Almost 60% girls. 4 lectures, 11 teaching assistants, 7 chaperones, and a dozen sponsors from Jamaica and abroad.”

AddisCoder is a free intensive 4-week summer program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, introducing high schoolers to programming and algorithms.

After reading about the AddisCoder program in Ethiopia, Chronixx and his team conceived the idea to start JamCoders. The Reggae entertainer then made a generous donation to support the creation of the program.

JamCoders is heavily influenced by AddisCoder.


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