Children’s rights advocate expresses concern about the murder of 2 children at the weekend

Founder of Hear the Children’s Cry, Betty-Ann Blaine has expressed concern about the murder of two children at the weekend.


Dead are 14-year-old Cashwayne Nevers of Inverness, Alexandria in St. Ann, and 2-year-old Adrian Campbell of Mack Hill, Clarks Town, in Trelawny.


In the latest incident Adrian was shot dead at around 8:12, last evening.


Reports are that he was seated in the back of a motor vehicle with his stepfather, when a man pounced upon them and fired several shots, hitting the child.


His stepfather was not hurt.


Meantime, Cashwayne was found dead in his community at about 1:30 a-m on Saturday.


In condemning the murders, Mrs. Blaine said such brutal acts against children must end.


Mrs. Blaine said children should not become collateral damage.


She is calling on all stakeholders, including parents and the government to play their part in protecting children.



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