Children’s Advocate says viral video with student being assaulted stresses need for conflict resolution skills

Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison has reiterated the need for increased focus to be placed on conflict resolution.

This, after a video which has been circulating on social media shows a female student being physically assaulted by a man.

In the video, a woman is seen confronting the female student, who it appears had a disagreement with another student.

The man then walked up to the female student and punched her.

The student fell to the ground.

The St. Catherine South Police are probing the incident.

Speaking to Irie Fm news on Friday morning, Mrs. Harrison said the video, highlights the need for parents and students to know how to solve disputes without resorting to violence.


She urged parents not to inflict any form of harm to students, but to engage in conversations with the parents of these students, as well as the school administration.

In the meantime, founder of Advocacy Group, Hear the Children’s Cry, Betty-Ann Blaine said the video indicates the need for a public education campaign on proper parenting.





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