Child restraint regulation under new Road Traffic Act to be changed

An option to allow children to travel with, or without the use of a child restraint system, in a public passenger vehicle, is among a raft of proposed changes, to be made to the new road traffic act.

The suggested changes were outlined by Transport Minister Audley Shaw in parliament on Tuesday.

The minister’s address comes in the wake of outcry by taxi operators that the requirement for a child restraint system is impractical and expensive.

Mr. Shaw outlined that for public transport, children travelling by themselves or accompanied by an adult, can use a restraint system.

The type of restraint used varies, according to the age and size of the child, as well as the type of vehicle.

He said the intention is to have the changes implemented, this week.

As it relates to other aspects of the road traffic act, that are contentious, mr. Shaw said these issues will be examined over the next 3 months.

Members of the public are being invited to give responses to the proposed changes for the child restraint system, and make recommendations.


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