Child restraint regulation in Road Traffic Act to be reviewed

The vexed child restraint regulation under the new Road Traffic Act is to be reviewed.

This in the wake of complaints by taxi operators who voiced concern that the stipulation is impractical, that getting a child seat is expensive, and that the law would result in loss of revenue.

In response, Prime Minister Andrew Holness assured that the matter will be discussed at the next meeting of the national road safety council.

Mr holness also indicated that the n-r-s-c has been mandated to monitor and provide oversight of the implementation of new road traffic act.

In a statement, Mr. Holness said, in a bid to strengthen the implementation of the new road traffic act, he has directed the n-r-s-c to undertake weekly reviews and provide reports on the enforcement and effectiveness of the measures as well as any concern expressed by the public. 

Mr. Holness said the government recognizes, that with these significant changes to the road traffic laws and enhanced enforcement,  a period of consistent review has to be undertaken to ensure the engagement of the entire nation and to achieve a high level of compliance.  

He added that the government has taken note of the concerns regarding the requirement to convey a child in the appropriate child restraint system.

Mr. Holness explained that the provision was first incorporated in the Road Traffic Act in 2001 and was specifically deliberated by the Joint Select Committee, chaired by Dr. Omar Davies in 2015.

The committee recommended that the act requires that a  child would have to be in a restraint system while being transported in a motor vehicle.

Mr. Holness said in keeping with the consistent review, the government will have deliberation on the matter at the next meeting of the road safety council.  

The National Road Safety Council is set to meet next Thursday February 9, when the prime minister will consider the first review. 

Mr. Holness said the continuous increase in road traffic deaths and injuries has been a major concern for the government, and the new RTA and its effective enforcement are essential to reducing the risk of fatalities and keeping vulnerable road users safe, including pedestrians, cyclists, children, elders and people with disabilities.


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