Cedella Marley resigns as Reggae Girls Global  Ambassador with immediate  effect

(Story written by Robert Williams and Roger Hasfal – posted by Dwight Fraser)

Cedella  Marley  has  tendered  her  resignation  as  Reggae  Girls  global  Ambassador  with  immediate  effect.

She  made  the  revelation  in  a  letter  to  the  Jamaica  Football  Federation   last  evening  ending  her  just  over  10  years  in  the  post  after  being  appointed  by  now  deceased  JFF  president  captain  Horace  Burrell.

Meanwhile, JFF vice president  Raymond  Anderson says  Jamaica’s Football programme has taken another serious hit, with  the  news  of  Marley’s  departure, as   it speaks clearly to the inability of the current leadership to be trusted. 

Anderson  in  the  statement  says   it is now clear that there has been a deliberate effort to discredit Jamaica’s  two-time World Cup-qualifying Reggae Girlz – the   squad which has  been  a beacon of hope and pride for the   nation, has been let down,   adding  that   in just three months, the JFF has managed to undo what took Cedella Marley and everyone involved a decade to build.

Anderson  has  condemned the manner in which the Reggae Girlz and Ambassador Marley have been treated, pointing  to   lack of communication, unfulfilled promises, and disregard shown as  inexcusable.

Anderson  adds  that  he, along with many others, have been left in the dark, excluded from decision-making processes that have led to this moment, while  indicating  that  the current administration has misrepresented facts, failed  Cedella, and all those who believe in the power of the  nation’s football.

Anderson says  he   extends his  deepest gratitude to Cedella Marley, the Bob Marley Foundation, and all their affiliates for their invaluable contributions, which allowed  the   history-making girls to emerge on the world stage.


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