CCRP expresses outrage over acts of cruelty against senior citizens

The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons, CCRP has expressed outrage over recent acts of cruelty against senior citizens in the country.

The most recent incident relates to an 80-year-old woman, who was reportedly bound and burnt to death at her home, in Bamboo, St. Ann last week.

CCRP’s Founder and Executive Chairperson, Jean Lowrie-Chin laments that violence against seniors is a growing issue.

She is urging immediate action by government, communities, families, churches and concerned citizens to protect these vulnerable members of society.

She points to recent suggestions outlined by the CCRP to improve the safety of the elderly in communities.

These measures include the monitoring of the elderly by neighbourhood watches and community organizations, regular home safety inspections by the Jamaica Fire Brigade and the implementation of emergency preparedness training, which is tailored to helping the elderly.

Mrs. Lowrie-Chin notes that it will take a collaborative approach to protect seniors.


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