Cause of Tuesday’s fire at Petrojam not yet ascertained; assessment of damages ongoing

The cause of Tuesday’s fire at Petrojam has not yet been ascertained.

In an update last evening, Energy Minister Daryl Vaz said the assessment, which includes the estimate of damage, is ongoing.

The assessment began yesterday and is being done by the fire brigade and Petrojam’s internal investigators.

The investigative team has started collecting reports. The Minister says external investigators will be incorporated, if necessary.

Meantime, Petrojam has assured us that the fire has not disrupted the distribution of fuel. Yesterday all loading racks were opened to supply the trade.

Mr. Vaz also noted that Petrojam staff who have been left traumatized by the fire, are being offered counselling.

The Minister expressed relief that no staff member was physically injured during the incident.

He said as a precaution, workers who were involved in battling the blaze are being attended to by representatives from the occupational health and safety unit.


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