Canadians protest working conditions of migrant workers

The Injured Workers’ Action for Justice and Justicia for Migrant Workers continue to bring attention to the plight of migrant workers in Canada.


Today, April 28, is the National Day of Mourning to commemorate workers killed, made sick, or injured on the job.


The groups are demanding that the Federal and Provincial Governments protect all workers, saying no worker should ever die on the job.


They are calling attention to the specific injustice faced by agricultural workers — a group they say comprises temporary foreign workers and undocumented workers.


According to an article on Our, the groups say these workers face dangerous working conditions on a daily basis.


The groups plan to converge at the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board this afternoon.


The attention on migrant agricultural workers in Canada comes as Jamaica’s Labour Ministry this week released the findings of the team which travelled to Canada last year to assess the conditions of Jamaicans working in the sector.


This followed outcry from several farm workers who decried the working conditions with reports of substandard conditions on farms.


Labour Minister Karl Samuda said on Tuesday that the team found that most of the Jamaican employees are satisfied with their working and living conditions.


He noted that over 70 per cent of respondents believe that the treatment from their employer was either “good” or “very good”.


Mr Samuda said the overall assessment of the conditions of the workers was described as good, but noted that there were pockets of poor labour and industrial relations conditions, particularly outside of Ontario.


The majority of Jamaican farm workers are in the province of Ontario.


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