Canadian Advocacy group, former farm workers plead with government to listen claims by farm workers

Canadian advocacy group “Justice for Migrant Workers and several former migrant workers are calling on the government to listen to the claims made by farm workers in Canada, about poor working conditions.

In recent times the media have been flooded with such reports.

Some workers have described the conditions as being similar to slavery.

A fact-finding team has been established by the government to observe operations and speak with workers on the farms.

The team is to provide a report to the ministry of labour and social security, however, a date has not been provided for when the team will be deployed.

Founding organizer for advocacy group ‘Justice for migrant workers’ Chris Ramsaroop while speaking on Irie Fm’s Africa Forum on Sunday, pleaded with the fact finding team to listen to the words of the farm workers.

He said if they are not convinced by the claims there is a wide of array of content that can solidify the farm workers claims.

Founding organizer with justice for migrant workers chris ramsaroop

And in telling of his experience, one former farm worker said employers would drive fear into the workers by threatening to send them home.


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