Call made for permanent ban on scrap metal industry

A call is being made for a permanent ban on the scrap metal industry.


Vice President and General Manager at Flow Jamaica, Stephen Price says there is a correlation between the industry and the theft and vandalism of telecommunications infrastructure.


Speaking at a press conference yesterday (December 8), Mr Price noted that when a temporary ban on scrap metal exports was implemented in 2017, there was a decline in thefts and vandalism.


He noted, however, that these incidents have sky-rocketed since the ban was lifted.


He said the ban should be imposed, as he believes the scrap metal industry cannot be adequately managed or supervised.

Describing the incidents as an attack on the State, Mr Price noted that the acts are preventing the country from reaching its goals.


He called for stiffer penalties and longer sentences to help deter perpetrators from carrying out these thefts and vandalism.


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