Call made for late Constable Ricardo Fairclough to be given posthumous Medal of Honour for Gallantry

The Police Federation has called for a posthumous national medal of honour for gallantry to be bestowed on the late constable Ricardo Fairclough.

The call was made by Chairman sergeant Arlene McBean at the funeral service for Fairclough at the Ocho Rios Baptist church in St. Aann, today.

Fairclough was killed in April, when he intervened in a robbery in St. Ann’s Bay.

Sergeant McBean described Fairclough as a hard working man of god, who was dedicated to nation building.

Meantime, the funeral service came to an early end after Pastor Paul Norman appeared to have fainted just as he was about to deliver the sermon.

Pastor Norman leads the Kingdom Lighthouse Apostolic Ministries International, the church that constable Fairclough was a member of.

Members of the constabulary force’s medical services branch attended to the pastor.

He later posted on social media that he is at home and doing well.

Constable Fairclough was interred at the family plot in Litchfield, in Trelawny.


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