Call made for better safety measures at Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre following fire fighter protest

Consultant psychiatrist, Dr Sapphire Longmore, has called for the operators of the Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre, to implement better safety mechanisms, to prevent persons from climbing atop the structure.

Her concern, came amid Tuesday‘s protest action by a suspended fireman, who climbed to the top of the centre, to draw attention to the plight of firefighters.

Sergeant Leo Bennett wants the government and the Jamaica Fire Brigade, to improve the working conditions of firefighters, among other things.

Dr Longmore, a church pastor and other officials, spoke with Sergeant Bennett, and encouraged him to end the protest.

The psychiatrist noted, that being a fireman, Bennett is trained and capable of climbing the centre, and that his state of mind was stable, despite being upset about the treatment of his colleagues.

Referencing the golden gate bridge in the united states, which has become a site for suicides, Dr Longmore said, steps must be taken, to prevent people, from climbing atop the transportation centre.





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