Byron Messia, Teejay beef heats up

“Me nuh war with kids”, is Byron Messia’s response to ‘Drift’ hitmaker Teejay following the release of his diss track for the ‘Talibans’ deejay.

The saga is reportedly stemming from a post made by Byron Messia in a close friend IG story, where he seemingly raged at Teejay and Reggae Sumfest.

On Sunday (October 1), Teejay released a diss track titled ‘Warning’ supposedly for Byron Messia. Although he doesn’t name Byron in the song, Teejay does name-drop a few things which point at the Talibans hitmaker.

Meanwhile, Byron Messia, in his IG story, wrote, “Me nuh war with kids a child abuse dat. Sell some records son. A better me send fe me belt” followed by two laughing emojis and a yawn emoji.

Teejay fired back this afternoon (Oct 2), calling Messia a fan after sharing an Instagram DM that Byron Messia sent him in 2018 hoping to collaborate and expressing that he loves Teejay’s energy and vibe he brings in his songs.

Not to be outdone, Byron Messia responded with an IG live video of Teejay endorsing him as a big artist and belting out the lines to Talibans; which he captioned, “2 a we a fans.”

While the genesis of the feud between the two remains unclear, some fans continue to fan the flames as they debate whether Teejay’s “Drift” is bigger than Bryon Messia’s Talibans.

However, what is certain, the songs in question continue to provide local and international opportunities for both Teejay and Byron Messia.


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