Businessman convicted of human trafficking sentenced to 10 years imprisonment

Indian businessman Roshan Shegure, who was convicted of human trafficking and forced domestic labour, has been sentenced to ten years imprisonment.


He was also sentenced to five years imprisonment for the concealment of travel documents.


Both sentences are to run concurrently.


Meantime, Roshan’s wife, Danett, was fined $1 m, or three years imprisonment, for facilitating human trafficking.


Justice Judith Pusey, in handing down the sentences in the home circuit court today, said the husband was deliberate in his actions towards the victim and had to be sent to prison.


She also ordered that the victim should be given US $18,337 in compensation for forced domestic labour, pain and suffering.


Allegations are that Shegure offered the victim, who is from India, a job as manager at his jewellery store.


Evidence was given that when the victim arrived in Jamaica, he was badly treated and assaulted, that his travel documents were taken away, and that he was not allowed to communicate with his friends and relatives.


It’s further reported that the victim attempted suicide in 2017.


Evidence was also given, that the victim escaped in May 2019 and the matter was reported to the authorities.




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