Bunting’s presentation at Police Federation Conference interrupted; member accuses him of causing disaffection

An address which was being given by Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Senator Peter Bunting, at the Police Federation’s eightyfirst Annual Conference, was interrupted today, as he was accused of seeking to cause disaffection among members.

Senator Bunting was speaking on the subject of free speech, and had claimed that former Federation Chairman Corporal Rohan James was being muzzled.

The Opposition Spokesman also claimed that the interdicted former Chairman was barred from attending the annual conference.

Senator Bunting accused the Police High Command of union busting.

Following these statements, former Police Federation Chairman Inspector Patrae Rowe, raised a point of order.

He said Senator Bunting’s presentation was causing dis-affection among members.

Inspector Rowe’s point of order was met with disapproval from delegates, but he proceeded.

Another Federation member intervened on Senator Bunting’s behalf, stating that the point of order amounted to an attempt to muzzle the Senator.

Senator Bunting then proceeded with his presentation, but did not comment further on interdicted Chairman Corporal James.

And despite alleged attempts to prevent his attendance at the eighty first  Annual Police Federation Conference, former Chairman Corporal Rohan James, showed up at the event, today.

Speaking in an interview with reporters outside the Conference Hall, he noted that he was made aware of attempts to bar him from attending.

Corporal James said there is no legal basis on which this could be done.

He added that he continues to work in the interest of Federation members.

The Corporal was interdicted following comments he made at the funeral of a colleague, last year.

He criticized the Police High Command over its failure to pay overtime money due to officers as ordered by the court.


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