Bull Head making too much unrealistic demands – Chung

The need to have a private security, as well as providing first class airline tickets, are some of the demands Head of the Phoenix Academy Craig “Bull Head” Butler was insisting for Leon Bailey to make himself available to play for the National team ahead of the upcoming Copa America in the United States.

There was a demand by Butler as well to have one of his Under 20 player being apart of the National Under 20 squad for the upcoming Concacaf World Cup qualifiers as well as the removal of Rudolph Speid as Chairman of the JFF Technical Committee.

Thats according to JFF General Secretary Dennis Chung.

However, Butler speaking on CVM at sunrise on Thursday morning says the JFF is being unprofessional.

Chung told Irie fm Sports that it was when he met with Butler on Monday the Leon Bailey issue was put on the table.

Chung added that he was sure the coach was confident Bailey would have made himself available for at least two games at the upcoming Copa America tournament.


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