Buju Banton sparks mixed reactions following public support for PNP

Buju Banton sent tongues wagging after he attended the People’s National Party (PNP) 85th annual conference at the National Arena in Kingston on Sunday (Sept 17).

The Gargamel, who is renowned for chastising the government, blended in with the sea of orange supporters gathered, wearing an orange t-shirt promoting his newly released album, Born For Greatness.

The crowd erupted when Buju entered the stage briefly, and raised his fist indicating his support for the PNP.

Meanwhile, a video snippet of Buju Banton’s presence at the PNP Rally has sparked mixed reactions across social media. Some online users accused the outspoken entertainer of being a hypocrite, while others defended him stating that he isn’t the first to show support for politicians.

This afternoon, Dr. Dayton Campbell, General Secretary and caretaker for North West St. Ann shared a picture to is official Instagram account with international Dancehall star Shaggy wearing an orange cap branded ‘Go with Golding’, which he captioned, “Is not Buju alone. Shaggy say Time Come!!!”

In recent times, fellow entertainer Tanya Stephens has also publicly expressed her support for Opposition leader, Mark Golding.


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