Build trauma centre at Spanish Town Hospital and use remaining funds from redevelopment project to build Portmore hospital -Dr. Dawes

Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Alfred Dawes, has criticized the Government’s move to prioritize the redevelopment of the Spanish Town Hospital over the establishment of a similar facility in Portmore.

Ground was broken for the redevelopment project at the St. Catherine-based hospital last Tuesday.

Dr. Dawes, who is also a St. Catherine Member of Parliament Candidate, noted that it would have been prudent if the Government focused on the statistics, which show a dire need for a hospital in Portmore.

Upgrading of the Spanish Town Hospital will see expansion of medical services, including cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, and otolaryngology.

However, Dr. Dawes suggested that instead of erecting a six-story establishment, only a trauma centre should be added at the Spanish Town Hospital.

This he explained would leave money in the budget for a well-needed hospital in Portmore, which could offer healthcare to its residents.

Dr. Dawes also stressed that establishing a trauma centre at the Spanish Town Hospital would provide a system-wide solution for healthcare.

On Sunday, Prime Minister, Andrew Holness announced that a Type V (5) health centre is to be built in Portmore. Ground will be broken for the facility in July.


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