Boxers ready to Rumble in the Sun

The final touches to the big Rumble in the Sun boxing showdown at the National Indoor Sports Center was completed this Afternoon with the weigh in of all the boxers at the AC Marriot Hotel in Kingston. 

The Jamaican born former Canadian heavyweight champion Razor’ Ruddock weighed in at 260 pounds and his opponent for the feature heavyweight fight of the night James Tony came in at 247 pounds. 

Meanwhile the under-card will feature five other fights, with Abdel Mendoza of Texas who is unbeaten after 38 fights up against Colombian Aristides Perez. 

Pereze came in at 146 pounds and Mendoza at 142 pounds, ,,,,,for this welterweight contest, Mendoza.

The other fights on the under-card sees Jose Julio Feria of Colombia vs Richard Frog’ Holmes in a middleweight bout where the Colombian tipped the scales at 157 and quarter , while Holmes weighed 159 pounds. 

Kevin ‘bus boy’ Hylton at 146 pounds meets compatriot Nico Yeyo who is half a pound heavier ahead of their Welter Weight match up.

Donovan razor’ Ruddock’ ‘junior’ weighed in at 145 and half in his welterweight clash with Juzier ‘iron man’ Hylton who weighed 146. 4 pounds, while two times national finalist Tsetsi ‘lights out’ Davis battles Jermaine Silverback Bowen in a light heavy match up, with Davis at 176 pounds and his opponent 2 pounds lighter.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Jamaica Boxing Board of Control Leroy Brown told Irie Fm sports that from a planning stand-point most of the issues are now completed. 

“ Most things are now finalized with the signing of the contracts, weighing’s are completed as well, and all the fighters are talking tough, including the men in the main bout Donovan ‘Razor ‘ Ruddock and James ‘Lights out’ Tony, so overall I am looking forward to an exciting night of boxing.  


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