Bounty Killer’s $60 mil lawsuit for unpaid royalties resolved

Bounty Killer has shared that his 60 million Jamaican dollar lawsuit with Othman Muklis over unpaid royalties has been resolved.

In the lawsuit filed in June this year, Bounty Killer said that Mukhlis, a British national, through his company Jamdown Music Limited collected over £325,000 which amounted to roughly 60 million Jamaican dollars of his royalties since 2002 that was never paid to him.

Bounty Killer via his official Instagram page, on the weekend (Dec 2), updated his over 909,000 followers. The Dancehall heavyweight wrote, “Following all the recent publicity about my legal situation with Othman Muklis / Jamdown Limited / Abood Music Limited, I can confirm that this matter has been fully resolved now with a full and final settlement of affairs between us.”

Mukhlis is known in the entertainment circle in Jamaica via his music publishing company Abood Music and is thought to have multiple other clients on the island.



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