BOJ urges citizens to desist from damaging new polymer banknotes

The Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) is urging persons to desist from intentionally subjecting the new polymer banknotes to unnecessary tests.


This after a woman, in a video which has now gone viral, expressed concern about anomalies she noticed with a new $1,000.00 bill.


She claimed that due to suspected damage, a security feature had been removed from the note.


As a result, several persons have been checking the authenticity of the new notes, by conducting a series of tests, including putting the notes in water and scratching them with coins.


In a statement this afternoon, the BOJ said persons should not conduct such unnecessary tests.


It noted that contact has been made with the woman in the initial video, however, efforts to retrieve the banknote in question have so far been unsuccessful.


The central bank has committed to undertaking a thorough investigation, into the claim and said it will also investigate any genuine concerns or issues surrounding the notes.


Persons who have questions or concerns about the banknotes should contact the BOJ at (876) 922-0750.


The central bank added that once a genuine note is damaged or otherwise compromised, it can be exchanged at the BOJ only.


Meantime, the BOJ reiterated its confidence in the durability of the new series of polymer banknotes and stated that the substrate and enhanced security features have been subject to rigorous testing of the highest global standards.




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