Bodies of brothers who died in Martha’s Vineyard USA released to their parents

The bodies of brothers, Tavaris and Tavaughn Bulgin have been released to their parents.


The brothers died after jumping off the Jaws Bridge, in Martha’s Vineyard, USA.


Relatives from Clarendon had travelled to the US to formally identify the bodies and make arrangements to bring them back to Jamaica.


Spokesperson for the Bulgin family, Reverend Roy Parkins, said documents have been sent to the consulate, for approval to take the brothers’ bodies home.



He added that 2 vigils were held on Tuesday; one at the bridge in the US, and the other at the Bulgin home in Clarendon, with scores of people turning up to support the grieving family.


Reverend Parkins said the Bulgin parents are still finding it difficult to accept that their 2 sons are gone.



The 2 GoFundMe accounts set up to help raise funds to assist the Bulgin family have so far received donations of about $235,000.


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