Bob & Rita Marley Foundations Labour Day celebrations in full gear

The Bob and Rita Marley Foundations have announced plans for a series of planned Labour Day activities.

Th event opened to the public holds a special significance for the Foundations, which have long been committed to community service and empowerment. This year, the Foundations will collaborate with the Christian Ambassadors and Referees for their annual Labour Day project.

The day is scheduled to commence with the cleaning of Bob Marley’s revered statue at Independence Park, followed by a cleanup effort at the Football field of Excelsior High School.

Adding to the vibrancy of the occasion, footballers from Cedella Marley’s “Football is Freedom Initiative” will lend their support.

The day’s activities will culminate in the Bring Back the Love After Labour Day Football Matches at the Harbour View Mini Stadium scheduled for 4pm. This event will also serve as a tribute to the legacies of Lance Whittaker, IRIE FM’s Ka’Bu Maat Kheru, and Derrick Wilks, with musical entertainment provided by Snipa International.


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