Big prize money for top performing athletes at World Athletics Championship

Jamaica’s  65  strong  team  for  the  World  Athletics  championships  which  get underway  next  week  Saturday  in  Budapest, Hungary  is  to  benefit  from  prize  money  of  US$8,498,000.

This  with  all  finalists  at  the  event  to  pocket  prize  money  starting  at  70  thousand  dollars  for  gold  medal  winners.

Second  place  finishers  will  return  home  with  35  thousand  dollars,   and  bronze  medal  winners  will  walk  away  with  22  thousand  dollars.

Fourth   place  finishers  will  receive  16  thousand  dollars,  5th  11  thousand  dollars,  6th  7  thousand  dollars,  7th  6  thousand  dollars  and  8th  place  finishers  5  thousand  dollars.

Gold  medal  winning  teams  in  the  relays   will  earn  80  thousand  dollars, silver  medal  winning  teams  40  thousand  dollars,  and  bronze  medal  winners  20  thousand  dollars.

For  placing  4th  in the    relays  the  prize  money  award  will  be  16  thousand  dollars, 5th  12  thousand  dollars, 6th  8  thousand, 7th  6  thousand, and  8th  4 thousand  dollars.

The  athletes  who  break  a  world record  the  reward  will  be  100  thousand  dollars…………..the performance must be an improvement on the existing World Athletics World Record………….performances that equal the existing world record will not be eligible for a world record award.

Some 2000 athletes from approximately 200 teams  are  down  to  compete  at  Hungary’s new National Athletics Center for the nine days  championships.


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