Beryllium Limited partnering with police following attempted robbery by gunmen

Beryllium Limited says it is partnering with the police, in their investigations, following another attack on the company by gunmen.

It’s reported that a group of Beryllium Employees came under fire, in Balaclava St. Elizabeth, on Wednesday afternoon.

However, the workers escaped unharmed.

In a release by the company on Wednesday morning, president of Beryllium Limited, Andre McLean said they are working with the police to capture those responsible for the attack, and that no money was stolen, this time around.

Wednesday‘s incident is the latest in a series of attacks on Beryllium courier vehicles, one of which was fatal.

In the meantime, one person was nabbed in St. Ann on Wednesday, in relation to the robbery and wounding of four Beryllium workers in Portmore St. Catherine, last month.

The workers came under attack while servicing an ATM.

Over $20 million was stolen in that incident.

A police source confirmed that the suspect was nabbed in a police operation in St. Ann.

He is the latest of several people who have been held in relation to the incident, one of whom has been charged.


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