Beryl deals devastating blow to agriculture, losses estimated at over a billion dollars; programme of support to be outlined this week

Hurricane Beryl has dealt a devastating blow to the agricultural sector, with losses expected to amount to more than $1 billion.

Portfolio Minister, Floyd Green notes that assessments are still underway across the country but preliminary reports have indicated significant impact in Clarendon, Manchester and the ‘bread basket’ parish St. Elizabeth.

Greenhouse farmers in the three parishes suffered the brunt of the damage, with an estimated 70 per cent of greenhouse structures completely destroyed.

The Agriculture Minister says livestock farmers also suffered significant loss, especially those in the poultry sub-sector.

Mr. Green says orchard crops did not fare well during the hurricane.

Some 80 per cent of banana and plantain farmers in Portland and St. Mary also suffered damage.

The Agriculture Minister says he is expecting to receive a full report on the sector today.

He notes that a programme of support for both the agriculture and fisheries sectors should be outlined this week.


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