Beach  Soccer  Jamaica hit  another  roadblock  – JFF Elections now set for March 17

The  Pat  Garel  led  Beach  Soccer  Jamaica hit  another  roadblock  yesterday  and  further  financial  obligations   in  their  bid  to  further  delay  the   Jamaica  Football  Federation  Election  which  has  now  been  set  for  Sunday  March  17  in  Hanover.

This  as  the  Jamaica  Football  Federation  is  reporting  that   the court of appeal has  advised  the  jff   Attorney-at-law Kaysian Kennedy-Sherman, of TWP attorneys-at-law that the injunction filed to further delay the JFF election has been denied.

This follows the denial of the continuation of the injunction by the Supreme Court. 

The court of appeal has set a case management conference hearing for March 5th, 2024, where the court of appeal will give further directions in the matter.

The  JFF says  this  most  recent  decision reinforces that the claim brought by Pat Garell and Beach Soccer Jamaica, lacks any substance, and supports the JFF position that it has done everything in accordance with the constitution concerning electoral matters.

The JFF adds  that  it  looks forward to the elections on March 17th, 2024, when the members will have the opportunity to exercise their franchise.


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