BB Coke High Board Chairman defends school’s handling of recent beating incident; security company to be reviewed

The Board Chairman of BB Coke High School in St. Elizabeth, Cetany Holness has sought to defend the institution’s handling of an incident involving two male students on Thursday.

A junior male student is battling for life at hospital after he was allegedly beaten by a grade eleven male student.

The attack reportedly stemmed from the younger boy allegedly stepping on the older boy’s Clarks shoes.

Videos of the incident, which are being circulated on social media, show the boy lying on the ground with blood on his face.

Another student is seen shaking the boy who appeared unresponsive.

The injured child was then taken by his friends to a medical facility in Junction, before being admitted at hospital some time after.

The situation has sparked outrage from the victim’s relatives and some members of the public.

They are especially upset over the slow response of the school, and that it was left to students to help the injured child get medical attention.

In response, Mr. Holness pointed to the failure of the security guard on duty to respond to the situation and alert school administrators.

He said the service of the security company will be reviewed.

Holness also noted that the accused attacker, who has since been taken into police custody, has a history of disciplinary issues at the school.


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