Ban on incandescent light bulbs effective March 2023 to force small poultry farmers to find new measures to keep chicks warm

With news that the government will be implementing a ban, on incandescent light bulbs effective March 2023, small poultry farmers, will be forced to employ new measures, to keep their chicks warm.

Across the island, hundreds of small poultry farmers, use incandescent bulbs, as heat sources on their farms.

While the government has indicated, that extra time may be allotted to these individuals, to allow them to switch to other options, there has been no word on whether or not, financial or other assistance will be provided to facilitate the change

Speaking with Irie Fm news, President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Lenworth Fulton, noted that there are options available, such as gas brooders, but these are generally expensive.



He said small poultry farmers will have to figure out, how to construct economically viable heating solutions.


Acknowledging that incandescent bulbs are not great for the environment, Mr Fulton said, farmers want the government and the appropriate stakeholders, to find suitable alternatives.




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