Austin ‘Jack’ Warner receives lifeline on his extradition to the United States

Former FIFA Vice-President  and  Concacaf  boss  Austin ‘jack’ Warner has  received a lifeline on his extradition to the United States to stand trial for alleged criminal offenses.

This  as   a magistrate’s court in his native Caribbean Island ruled that the questions he raised in an application pursuant to section 14 (4) of the constitution, should be determined by the high court.

Following a privy council judgment on November 17 last year, which ruled against Warner’s case for his extradition to the USA be denied on the grounds of violation of his constitutional rights and procedural unfairness, he filed an application with the local court in keeping with section 14 (4) of the Trinidad and Tobago constitution.

Attorney general, Reginald Armour told the local media,   yesterday   that   the chief magistrate ruled that the questions were not frivolous and vexatious in respect of Mr warner’s complaint on the specialty argument, on procedural unfairness, and therefore she has referred those questions to the high court for the high court to determine the constitutionality of the request of the US, to extradite Mr Warner to the United States to stand trial on a number of serious criminal offenses.” 

He argued that the section of the constitution being relied upon by Warner provides a corridor of opportunity, which allows a person in his circumstances to get access to due process………….. even after an applicant like Warner has been before the high court, the court of appeal, and before the privy council and lost in all instances as was the case with Warner.


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