August 2025 for ground breaking of phase one of the National Stadium redevelopment plan

August 2025 or thirteen  months from now, is the designated date for ground to be broken for phase one of the National Stadium redevelopment plan.

That’s the word according to Sports Minister Olivia Grange who made the commitment during her sectoral debate speech in parliament yesterday.

In making the announcement minister grange said they recently signed a framework for corporation with the government of the United Kingdom acting through the UK export finance.

 According to the minister among the main priority in this framework listed to be addressed, is the redevelopment of the National Stadium which will have the establishment of a sports museum in its scope. 

Minister Grange also announced that they had asked the finance ministry to fast track special funding in the amount of 75 million Jamaican dollars for urgent remedial work to address the lighting infrastructure at the National Stadium.

She says this remedial work is to be completed by September of this year for the stadium to meet the FIFA requirements for international matches that are scheduled to be played in the second and third week of the month.


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