Attorneys for woman listed by police as a person of interest in the murder of Melissa Silvera, condemn defamatory portrayal of their client

The attorneys for a corporate area woman have strongly condemned what is described as the defamatory portrayal of their client as a person of interest.

This after police said they are seeking the public’s assistance in locating the woman as they believe she can assist with the investigation into the death of Melissa Silvera.

Silvera was the wife of former Member of Parliament Jolyan Silvera.

In a statement today, the attorneys, among them Valerie Neita Robertson said their client, whose identity has been erroneously released to the media, is not a person of interest, as confirmed by the police this week.

They add that by highlighting her as a person of interest, the impression is being given that she is in hiding.

The attorneys say their client has faced undue intimidation, as her name was thrust into the public sphere, creating unwarranted speculation on social media.

They add that the unwarranted media attention has had a detrimental impact on their client’s personal and professional life.

The attorneys are calling on the authorities to rectify the situation immediately and ensure the protection of their client’s constitutional rights and her reputation.

They say they will pursue all available legal avenues to address what they call this injustice and seek appropriate redress for the damages caused by the unwarranted release of her name as a person of interest.


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