Attorney representing 18 accused members of Qahal Yaweh group urges Jamaicans to be cautious in judgement of the individuals

The attorney representing members of the Qahal Yahweh religious group is urging Jamaicans to be cautious in their judgement of persons of a particular faith, especially one they do not understand.


This amidst a multi-agency investigation into activities at the Qahal Yaweh compound along Norwood Avenue in St James.


The group has been under scrutiny for some time, following concerns relating to alleged abuse of children.


23 children were removed from the facility after it was raided by the police last month.


In a release today (July 7) the police’s communication arm said 18 people have been charged with breaches of the Child Care and Protection Act.


The accused include several parents whose children have been placed in State care.


The police said the charges followed several inquiries, interviews, and recording of statements, during a multi-agency operation conducted on June 30, in partnership with the Ministry of Health.


Attorney-at-law Peter Champagnie, who represents the accused persons told IRIE FM news that they have been granted bail, and are scheduled to appear before the St James Parish Court on July 19.


He cautioned against rushing to judgement and urged Jamaicans to allow the matter to be addressed in court.



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